> From: Jo Rhett [mailto:jrhett@netconsonance.com]
> > SA doesn't just look for full URLs, it looks for things that could

> > hostnames ala "copy www.example.com into your browser".

> This is fairly nonfunctional. I've been chasing around all sorts of
> FPs that seem to hit pretty much every message that comes to me with
> source code inside it, and you've probably nailed every one of them
> on the head. I didn't realize that they were related at the SA level.
> I need to completely disable this over-opportunistic behavior. 90%
> of my e-mails have either system output, or are concerning code
> segments or router interfaces, etc, etc. I need these mails to get
> through.
> At the very least, common collisions like script.pl need to be
> disabled.

uridnsbl_skip_domain script.pl