On Thu, 2007-06-28 at 21:33 +0200, Mark Martinec wrote:
> > So what's the best fix for this? Should one just freeze SA at an
> > earlier version on a production server until this is fixed upstream?
> > Is upstream aware of the problem and working on a fix for it?

> Find out where the problem lies. When the component that needs fixing
> is known, then something can be done about it.

This is the cost of using F/OSS software, but the work will have to go
on hold until I have more time for it. In the meantime, my question is
address specifically to John Thompson, Eray Aslan and anyone else who
may have had this problem and know more about it than I do. If the SA
developers are aware of the problem and already working on it then my
own efforts might well be a waste of my time. In the meantime I'm happy
to use an older version of SA which works just fine on my installation.

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