On Thursday 28 June 2007 15:22, Lindsay Haisley wrote:
> Attached is a proposed patch for /var/lib/spamassassin/rules_du_jour
> which addresses the problem of the refresh URL which Rules Emporium
> sometimes sends out instead of a valid cf file. Basically, this patch
> greps the downloaded file for the string "META HTTP-EQUIV", which should
> never occur in a valid rules file, but is part if the refresh URL. If
> the downloaded file is a refresh URL, it's deleted, the script waits 1
> second and tries again, up to 3 times. If the download fails after 3
> tries, the bad file is deleted and the script moves on.
> You might try running rules_du_jour from a cron job with the -D option
> and redirecting the output to a /tmp file and see if you get any notices
> about "Download of .... FAILED after 3 tries", in which case I've
> mis-diagnosed the problem somewhat. In any event, the problem file
> should be deleted rather than causing a --lint failure in spamassassin.

I'm going to try this, but with a 5 minute wait. I run it in the middle of the
night anyway, who cares how long it takes.

Actually, the proper response might be a random wait.

Phil Barnett
SKCC #600