Shane Williams wrote:
> This is a personal mail server, so I know exactly who sends mail on
> it, and "we" don't have a spam problem (unless you mean all the spam
> we're fighting to keep out). Of course, since it's a dynamic address,
> I can't be certain that other users of this address haven't sent spam,
> but as others have pointed out, the only other blacklists
> is listed on are dynamic or dialup lists only, so there's no
> indication that it's been a previous spam source.
> So, unless you're intending to block dynamic IPs as part of your
> method, I'd say this is a false-positive situation.

Shane, I found the bug and fixed it. It was dynamic IP related where I
was returning temp errors in certian cases. Your IP has been removed
also and sorry about that but this is still something I'm testing.