On Mon, 18 Jun 2007, Marc Perkel wrote:

> Shane - your listing has nothing to do with dynamic IPs. The way you got
> listed is that your server hit my high MX records when all of my lower MX
> records were working. What I'm still investigating is why that happened. And
> it's a problem I intend to fix because I don't want any false positives in
> the list. Is there any reason your server would try MX records in an unusual
> order?

As others have mentioned, there are reasons (internet congestion, for
instance), but I gather what you really want to know is whether
there's something unusual about my configuration that would cause this
to happen. The answer to that is no. I'm running sendmail on a
gentoo server. No crazy configs, I don't run my own DNS, and frankly
I don't know why my sendmail would try high MXs before low ones, but
apparently it does.

I'd say any system that requires you to investigate to this extent
with blocked senders on a one-on-one basis has problems, and I would
once again recommend that you test any system by tagging mails before
actually rejecting them so that you learn about false-positives rather
than assuming there aren't any unless someone reports it (which would
be hard to do, since you're blocking them).

Since this is now way OT for the SA list, I'm not going to respond on
the list anymore, and since you're blacklist rejects my emails, I'm
guessing this is the end of the conversation for me. Good luck.

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