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On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 03:16:22AM -0700, diptanjan wrote:
> My question is, I am using update.spamassassin.org as well as other sourc=

> to update my rules.=20
> Is it possible default rules from update.spamassassin.org and other rules
> can conflict at any point.=20

It depends what you mean by "conflict". There is nothing stopping channels
from overriding other channel's rules, scores, etc. That said, it's expect=
that channels are unique onto themselves (ie: they don't trample on other
people's rules, only set scores for their own rules, don't assume what rules
are available on the client (though you can generally assume
updates.spamassassin.org rules are available), etc.)

> May be same rules set up in both places but scored different... then what?

Whichever rule is loaded last wins.

> Is it ok if I remove all other sources and only depend on
> update.spamassassin.org to update my rules?

That's up to you. Personally, I only use the SA updates and don't
include any third party rules. Other people swear by them. YMMV.

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