jdow wrote:
> From: "WLamotte"
>> Sorry if this is an obvious question but why isn't there an option
>> for Spamassassin to bounce spam? Sure it does a good job at
>> filtering spam but I
>> don't want it from my web(mail)server to my inbox. I want my web- or
>> mailserver to bounce suspected spam. Is this a feature that could be
>> implemented?
>> TIA,

> Because there are people like me who submit sites that bounce spam to
> me to SpamHaus, SpamCop, and others?
> "There is no way to bounce spam," is a good general rule to follow.
> There is nothing in the message, usually, that tells you precisely who
> sent the spam. The return path, reply to, and sender or "from" fields
> are all forgeable. Sites that bounce spam after the receipt
> transaction is over are aiding spammers rather than helping poor sods
> who have been hacked.
> Having been a victim of a forged "From:" address hack, a Joe Job, I
> can tell you reliably that I will crawl through the wires back to the
> MTA that bounced back to me and rip the CPU out of the hard drive.
> And if the operator is nearby I will rip his heart out through his
> mouth.=20
> {o.o} Joanne hates idiots who bounce and thus commit joe jobs.
> 'Nuf said?

That is understandable, all people can't manage their anger.

Backscatter still is no SPAM.