On Sun, 2007-06-17 at 01:41 +0200, Alex Woick wrote:
> My bayes and awl tables were created according to the manual, but I
> added a timestamp column to the awl table and to the bayes_seen table to
> be able to expire them by date.

I've added these fields, with "default=CURRENT_TIMESTAMP".

When do you expire these records?

> Additionally, I added a feature to learn from "spam" and "nonspam" imap
> folders, where I manually copy spam or ham that was not already auto-learnt.
> I didn't change anything with the default scores: 5 is still the spam
> threshold and 3.5 is still the bayes_99 score when used together with
> network tests.

I've put together a similar setup using Courier's maildrop filtering and
some python scripts, still under development.

> An interesting observation: The spam messages that contain half spam and
> half mumbo-jumbo of unrelated random text that should probably irritate
> bayes filters, score in fact almost always bayes_99. I can only imagine
> that the additional random text is not really random but taken from a
> fixed library that is not very big and not changed very often.


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