On Sat, 2007-06-16 at 17:01 -0400, Michael B Allen wrote:
> Hi,
> I just setup a new server with vanilla SA

What version?

> on CentOS 5 and a lot of obvious
> drug/stock/foreign stuff is getting through. I have verified that DNSBL
> is being used. In general, I would like to know what the prevailing
> wisdom is as to increasing the agressiveness of my filter.

Add the SARE rules. They tend to kill most of the drug and stock stuff.
> Are there certain plugins that I need to make sure are working? If so
> what are they?

That depends.
> Will SA get better as it considers the input?

If you have bayes enabled.
> Also, if I drag spam from the inbox into the Spam folder, will SA learn
> from that? If I drag non-spam out of the Spam folder will SA learn
> from that?

That's up to your MUA , but not likely.

> Is there a way to add the X-Spam-Report to regular messages for a while
> so that I can see exactly why it's getting through?

Yes. See

> How do I properly activate filtering based on character encodings used
> in messages? Basically I want to severely penalize non-Latin1 encodings.

In 3.1.x, just set ok_locales en
in 3.2.x, set ok_locales and also enable the Textcat plugin.

Details in
> Mike

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