On 2007-06-15, Matt wrote:

>> Bounce spam? Are you nuts? This is as worse as the spammers sending them.
>> Please dont even consider this. Any idea where all these 'bounces' end up?
>> Innocent victems...

> I agree, bouncing that way is bad. Something I have thought about
> lately is rejecting. We have run ClamAV on Exim for years now. It
> scans messages at MTA time and rejects any that contain viruses. Does
> not 'really' bounce them just refuses them. There is talk of a mod to
> Exim to do same thing for high scoring spam. Sounds interesting.

There are various blacklists and such you can use to reject mail at the
smtp greeting stage, which minimizes the amount of processing your mail
system is required to perform on incoming mail.


-John (john@os2.dhs.org)