> Hmmm, once I patched the correct SA version file, Mark's patches
> worked fine. However, perhaps my error caused Mark to find a bug, as
> noted by his follow-up e-mail, which might have gone undetected
> otherwise. :-)

Indeed, thanks! (but there were two other similar reports as well)

> Also, I'm not sure if John Rudd is still supporting Botnet or not, since
> I have sent him 3 e-mails to the address listed in off-list
> over the past week about this, and asked him if he would consider adding
> user configurable timeout values, but have not received any responses
> back from him.

It would definitely be worth shortening a dns timeout limit in Botnet,
or make it configurable (or both).

> So far so good with Mark's patches - although I am awaiting his
> follow-up regarding a possible bug...

Not sure I understand this. My fixes make SA more robust when
plugins misbehave. The Botnet problem still causes the mail
processing to take half a minute, but now without ill-effects
on other checks.