Randal, Phil wrote the following on 6/15/2007 2:08 PM -0800:
> Bill,
> The problem is that Botnet uses Net:NS::Resolver's default retry and
> timeout values, which are way too high.
> Spamassassin's DnsResolver.pm uses these values:
> udp_timeout:3
> tcp_timeout:3
> retrans:0
> retry:1
> try
> export RES_OPTIONS="udp_timeout:3 tcp_timeout:3 retrans:0 retry:1"
> before invoking spamassassin and see what happens.
> The proper solution would be to fix Botnet.pm to use sensible values for
> these parameters instead of the defaults.
> Cheers,
> Phil

Hmmm, once I patched the correct SA version Dns.pm file, Mark's patches
worked fine. However, perhaps my error caused Mark to find a bug, as
noted by his follow-up e-mail, which might have gone undetected
otherwise. :-)

Also, I'm not sure if John Rudd is still supporting Botnet or not, since
I have sent him 3 e-mails to the address listed in Botnet.pm off-list
over the past week about this, and asked him if he would consider adding
user configurable timeout values, but have not received any responses
back from him.

So far so good with Mark's patches - although I am awaiting his
follow-up regarding a possible bug...