WLamotte wrote:

> Sorry if this is an obvious question but why isn't there an option for
> Spamassassin to bounce spam? Sure it does a good job at filtering spam but I
> don't want it from my web(mail)server to my inbox. I want my web- or
> mailserver to bounce suspected spam. Is this a feature that could be
> implemented?

SpamAssassin does nothing but detect spam; it's not a mail handling
agent and it never will be.

If you want to make server-side policy decisions based on SpamAssassin
results, you need to do so using your MTA (mail transfer agent) or MDA
(mail delivery agent).

Check out this section of the wiki for more details:


Also, "bouncing" suspected spam (where your mail server constructs a DSN
and tries to send it back to the envelope sender) is a Very Bad Idea,
since the vast majority of spam is constructed with falsified headers.

Rejecting it during the SMTP conversation, on the other hand, is
perfectly legitimate in my opinion.

From the end-users' perspective they accomplish the same thing, but
there is a very important technical distinction between a bounce and a

Nels Lindquist