Thanks Kris.

I Googled for "MIMEDefang and AD" and came across this post [1] by Brian
at RoaringPenguine; he suggests not to use MIMEDefang as it imposes a
heavy load on Exchange/AD on Windows 2003. He provides an alternative
by releasing 2 scripts that automate the harvesting of email addresses
from AD via LDAP and dumps those addresses into the accessdb file to
filter on.

Not wanting to cause performance issues on the Exchange box, I'll try
this 'easy' way out first!



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Sent: Friday, 15 June 2007 12:56 AM
Subject: Re: Problems with Received: header checks and ALL_TRUSTED

Anthony Kamau wrote:
> Any chance you know of a quick and dirty method to implement

> authentication? I did search during build of the sendmail box, but

> not find conclusive instructions to do so - possibly because I was

> immense pressure to get a spam identifier installed.

Check out MIMEDefang, Among other things, it

can do exactly this in several ways, and may also help with your problem

of spam-tagged mail having the spam tags stripped off in some cases.