Martin Strand wrote:
>> It's fine for scoring against, but blocking is insanity!

> I tested SpamCop for our info@ address at work (about 200 messages a
> day) and didn't get a single FP for six months.
> I use it for blocking on our mailserver now (about 2000 accounts) and
> haven't received any complaints so far.
> This guy's stats seem to confirm my observations:

Considering that SpamCop has listed Gmail and a LOT of major ISPs over
the last 18 months I'd find the lack of FPs to be a matter of luck

Scoring with it is one thing, but if you are handling mail for several
thousand users over several thousand domains, then blocking based on it
will cause you severe headaches.

Please bear in mind that I'm looking at this from an ISP perspective not
as an individual user



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