> sg wrote:
> > hi
> >
> > We are using MS Exchange 2003 server on windows 2003 server. We have
> > registered with domain service and using 50 mail users. We

> are getting lot
> > of spam mails. I want to know the configuring details of
> > Mail-spamassassin-3.1.7 and how to control the spam mails..
> >

> I'd offer to help, but I have no familiarity with doing this. My own
> approach is to use a Linux mailserver as my Internet
> connected MTA, run
> spamassassin on that, and have it forward mail to Exchange.
> SpamAssassin can be made to run directly on win32, but AFAIK
> this isn't
> entirely trivial. If you're comfortable with ActivePerl you shouldn't
> have trouble, but be aware that perl and SpamAssassin are
> aliens on the
> Windows platform. They're both designed around the *nix way
> of doing things.

Perhaps not "trivial", but if you're starting from scratch it's not too
See: http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/InstallingOnWindows

You start running into problem when you already have perl applications
running and "can't" install the latest ActivePerl release, or install
the latest required modules.

There are a few "if you want to" areas in the install instructions that
you should skip if you're not familiar with building applications on
Windows. If you really do want those things, come back and do them after
you have SpamAssassin working.

I run SpamAssassin on Windows Server 2003 with ActivePerl I
have not had significant problems building or using it for a couple

> That said, it looks like a fellow named Chris Lewis has written an
> Exchange event sink and has links to several tips, but I've got no
> experience using his tools.
> http://www.christopherlewis.com/ESA/default.htm

And I, also, have no experience using his tools. But I've heard good
reports from others about them.