At 01:03 PM 6/13/2007, Vincent Li wrote:

>I have OS X Server running email server too, To save the headache of
>replacing this OS X server, moving mail boxes, reducing the memory
>load...You can run Amavisd-new/SpamAssassin on a seperate Linux box
>and let Postfix on OS X talk to Amavisd-new on the Linux box.

The system's getting old, I'm worried about hardware failure. And a
new Mac would be Intel based, so that's a lot of work anyway. Using
Linux saves me from paying retail for a Mac and the extra $ for OS X Server.

I plan to bring up the second server off-line so I can take my time
getting it working. Hopefully I'll end up with a working Mac left
over that I can donate to a worthy person (I already know two teens
who'd fight over it).

I'm also having to "upgrade" our Windows systems, the next CAD update
won't run on Windows-00, and those systems are also old. XP
systems all around.

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