Sometime later this summer I'm going to be replacing our
server. It's currently a Mac (1.42GHz G4) running OS X
Server. Since the mail server part of OS X "needs work", I'm
thinking of just replacing this with an Intel/AMD based Linux
box. I'm considering Ubuntu, any suggestions/warnings/panics?

Not a big panic if I can't move the IMAP files over, most mail is
read by APOP so there isn't much there.

Other than mail, I'll need Apache for web serving and Samba for our
Windows network in the office.

We have several domains, these go to separate web pages but due to
the way the Mac was set up, all e-mail addresses are valid across all
domains (jdurand@ works on any domain we server).

Jerry Durand, Durand Interstellar, Inc.
tel: +1 408 356-3886, USA toll free: 1 866 356-3886
Skype: jerrydurand