OK, Daryl, got the point. Made a rule to match my Postfix-2.2 auth
headers. Now, a question: how do I assign a score of zero to SPF_FAIL
(in order to disable that rule) if my custom rule matches? I guess
it's via a META rule, but I can't get it working...

Based on the rule published at SA's Wiki, I was thinking of something like =

header LOCAL_AUTH_RCVD Received =3D~ /\(authenticated \(\d+ bits\)\)
by services04\.student\.cs\.uwaterloo\.ca /


But here I lost it. Thought of something like this:

score LOCAL_AUTH_NO_SPF -0.693

which has the exact reverse score of SPF_FAIL. I think it would be
more elegant to zero that rule in this particula case. But I don't
know how to do it...



2007/6/13, Daryl C. W. O'Shea :
> Luis Hern=E1n Otegui wrote:
> > Hi, list, several of my users are beggining to use the SASL method to
> > send mails trhough the server. The point is that the messages from one
> > of these users are getting tagged as spam (the lil' bastard uses
> > Incredimail, so a bunch of another stuff regardind this crappy piece
> > of software gets his messages over the discard line, but that's
> > another story. I'll search the list messages, I think I remember a
> > thread on that issue). Anyway, I've noticed SPF checks of his mails
> > fail. He's connecting from a network outside ours, so I was wandering
> > what makes the SPF checks fail, even when he is connecting as a client
> > to our server...

> http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/DynablockIssues

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