Luis Hernán Otegui wrote:
> Hi, list, I've recently added the feature of SMTP Auth to my MTA
> (Postfix running on Debian Sarge), and when any user tries to send a
> mail trhoug the server, it hits SPF_FAIL (which, on the other hand,
> seems natural, since one of the "relays" sits outside of the
> mynetworks directive of Postfix. Is there any way to
> a) disable SPF tests inside SA for authenticated users?
> or
> b) add the authenticated sender to the trust SPF chain?

Either setting msa_networks in SA if your MTA is just an MSA or adding
"smtpd_sasl_authenticated_header = yes" to your Postfix 2.3 or later
config will do it.

Didn't you ask this same question 4 hours ago?