At 02:57 13-06-2007, Mike Kenny wrote:
>On a related topic, has been
>refusing connections from our SMTP servers. When I queried them the
>response I got was:
>have been blocked because we detected probe attempts. Activities
>like sending mail to non-existent accounts or empty connections
>would qualify as a "dictionary search" or "probing for valid
>addresses" and IP's used for such activity would be automatically
>blocked for a temporary period.

Were you sending mail to non-existent accounts or doing sender validation?

>Subsequent communications have dealt only with the non-existent
>accounts. Does blocking us on this basis make any sense? And has
>anybody else encountered similar issues with netzero? If so, how resolved?

Yes, it does if most of the connections are for non-existent
accounts. It can be resolved by not doing that.