arni wrote:
> Hi,
> for a while i've been watching my spamassassin perform great on almost
> all spam - i've never had any false positives and also a very low count
> of false negatives.
> So I thought about rejecting sure spam during the SMTP session and came
> up with a few bits of shellscript code thats rejecting spam with a score
> of 10 and above (I normally mark spam at 5).
> But i'm not really sure if i'm doing it correct - it apears to me like
> i'm not rejecting mail but i'm bouncing it which is surely not what i
> want.
> Here is my code which is called as a qmail-command in my .qmail file.

> If you want to test the setup, you can send a mail with for example
> GTUBE to
> Your advice will be welcome,

Site level configuration of qmail-scanner.

1) this saves re-inventing the wheel and allows you yo use an already
existing tool that does the job reasonably well and has been tested by
lots of people.

2) I'm no qmail expert, but I STRONGLY suspect that the entire .qmail
file is executed long after the SMTP session is done and gone, so any
solution at this level isn't going to be possible. From what I read, the
user .qmail files are essentially delivery agent files, which confirms
that suspicion.