Well caught, Mark!

I'd come to similar conclusions even without digging into the code when
I saw DNS-related strangeness when I was testing SA 3.2.0 a few weeks

I'll second your request that SA process all results it has collected on
timeout, instead of discarding them.



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> > Namely with 22 RBL results coming back, the last one
> > (which was the crucial URIBL test) had a timeout of 0
> > and was ignored even though dns result did arrive.
> >
> > Moreover, there is a bug in Mail::SpamAssassin:ns, where
> > a late-spawned URIBL queries (which only start after Razor,
> > DCC and Pyzor are run) are being timed against start time
> > of the first wave of plain RBL dns queries, which are fired-off
> > seconds earlier, so there is a good chance that URIBL queries
> > time out in 0 seconds and their resultes are never collected.

I submitted a problem report, with a proposed patch:


Things are much more predictable now.