Dan Barker schrieb:
> Dan Barker follows up:
> I "think" you confirmed that my delegated rDNS is proper and that the 421
> message is in error. But I'm not certain. Can you please confirm your
> assessment? My ISP provides me a /26 subnet out of the class C,
> so the rDNS delegation is done with CNAMEs from the class C subnet to my
> subnet's DNS servers. They serve the appropriate PTR
> records.
> Thanks again for the bandwidth;
> Dan

I'd advise you to just give the ip you send email from a real, non
aliased reverse dns entry which is the same as your HELO and also points
back to your IP through an A record.
Guess thats just the easiest way to solve it. Making the "foreign"
admins aware of their buggy system is gonna be more complicated.