Dan Barker schrieb:
> > I'm receiving a lot of 421 rejects with:
> >
> > Unexpected connection response from server:
> > 421 mails from refused: local dynamic IP address
> >"
> >
> > Does anybody recognize the text of the message? I'd like to confirm
> > that there are no popular DUL lists showing as dynamic,
> > but the 421 message says very little. DNSReport says it's clean. I've
> > tried to contact some postmaster accounts (using Yahoo.com, since I
> > can't use my own mailer) but they appear to be RFC ignorant too.
> > Unfortunately, it's not just one ISP in Germany and I'd like to
> > understand if there's anything I can do on my side.
> >
> > The only thing that comes to mind is that my rDNS is delegated to my
> > own name server. Maybe there's some sort of DNS software out in the
> > wild that doesn't support delegation? I'm really at a loss.
> >
> > Dan
> >

arni writes:

> is an alias for
> domain name pointer mail.visioncomm.net.
> probably a not so clever blacklist considering your ip dynamic because the

alias has its own ip in the alias name
> arni

Dan Barker follows up:

I "think" you confirmed that my delegated rDNS is proper and that the 421
message is in error. But I'm not certain. Can you please confirm your
assessment? My ISP provides me a /26 subnet out of the class C,
so the rDNS delegation is done with CNAMEs from the class C subnet to my subnet's DNS servers. They serve the appropriate PTR

Thanks again for the bandwidth;