Richard Smits wrote:
> Hello,
> We realy need some help here. It has come to our attention that our
> bayes database is 2.4 GB big. It is really slowing down our servers
> and they have a big cpu load.
> Now we have tried the trick with the sa-learn --force-expire , and it
> deletes a lot of entrys, but the file is not getting any smaller.
> 79K Jun 12 09:26 bayes_journal
> 20M Jun 12 09:26 bayes_toks
> 2.5G Jun 12 09:26 bayes_seen*
> Does anyone has some tricks to help us out ?

Spamassassin does not have any expiry for bayes_seen. Expiry only
shrinks the bayes_toks file.

Starting with SA 3.0.0, it was made safe to delete it, so as Phil Randal
suggested, you need to delete it.

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