On Tue, June 12, 2007 13:33, Justin Mason wrote:
> Daniel J McDonald writes:
>> So, you can't build the RPM as root.
>> I just added all of the various groups to my user, set up a user build
>> directory tree, compiled it under my username and it tested fine, at l=

east to the point
>> that it normally bombs

> aha, that's it alright. could you open a bug to get that fixed?

One argument is that you shouldn't be building RPMs as root since you don=
't know if the
spec file is perfect and won't break outside of the semi-jail that RPM se=
ts up. I've
had at least one such RPM build when working with qmail, and it went and =
buggered up the
build server by actually installing itself outside of the jail when build=
ing. Doing it
as a regular reason will limit that kind of activity.