> At one time, the Top 100 list was being updated pretty regularly, and it
> more
> effective when it was updated more often.
> Also, the original instructions for the RDJ included suggestions to set up
> a
> cron job to automate the process.
> Where would you suggest a person should listen to find out that it't time
> to
> manually intervene and get any changes? I don't have a problem removing
> the
> cron job, but I don't want it to turn into an unmaintained appendage.
> --
> Phil Barnett


Ummmmm I have never really worried about it too much.

Great software all over and excellent people and list...

Ummmm I seem to recall that they (those in authority and inner knowledge)
said there would be announcements about any updates and to not cron anymore
cause of the attack problems.

- rh