On Tuesday 12 June 2007 00:51, Robert - eLists wrote:
> Yeah, real sweet, can't even pull up a simple web page...
> When stuff doesn't work at all, free does not matter.
> It appears things are so tight now, you can hear the pucker.
> Why do people cron things that could screw up something that is fairly
> mission critical anyways?

At one time, the Top 100 list was being updated pretty regularly, and it more
effective when it was updated more often.

Also, the original instructions for the RDJ included suggestions to set up a
cron job to automate the process.

Where would you suggest a person should listen to find out that it't time to
manually intervene and get any changes? I don't have a problem removing the
cron job, but I don't want it to turn into an unmaintained appendage.

Phil Barnett
SKCC #600