Brent Kennedy wrote:
> I just upgraded to 3.2.0 from 3.1.7 and now when I send:
> "killall -HUP spamd"
> It just says: "spamd: no process killed"
> But, when I do a ps -ef, there is a spamd and two child processes. This
> worked fine in 3.1.7, so I don't know what changed in 3.2 to make it more
> resistant to killall.

A change was made to make the buildbots work better. The big downside
is it breaks HUP'ing spamd.

> I have a script that needs to send a reload to spamd so it can load in new
> rules once a week.
> Any suggestions?

You could revert the change from r490760 or you could just stop then
start spamd rather than HUP'ing it.

See for more