hi gurus,

iam totally newbee to EMC, i have a cople of questions

i hvae a solaris machine with 192.168 network aand an EMC storage AX 4-5 with a 10.10. network. This EMC is configured through the GUI for the initialisation part that is for assigning the IP address to both controllers, assigning host and a default user to log into the GUI.

i have installed Naviseccli on my solaris machine to create storage groups and stuff .

what is the process for proceeding further

when i do a naviseccli -h storagegroup -create -gname oradata

iam shooted with an error message "Broken Pipe"

iam not sure exactly is this the correct method as may be iam skipping in some steps prior to creation of the storage group.

Please let me know where am i going wrong