we are running Irix 6.5 on our octane/sgi computers - these computers come with an external MOD drive attached via a scsi cable. We back up info to these maxoptics or Sony smo f551 sd drives (I can get the exact maxoptics model if you need it) onto a 2.3 gig MOD disk, using an application installed on the computer. We would like to attach a 2 nd MOD drive (and I think these instructions may tell us how, http://rmn.iqfr.csic.es/guide/man/in.../chap6-7-3.htm) to the computer and make copies/clones of our current MOD disk(s). I believe once we physically attach another MOD drive we will have to 'load' the drive(s) and enter some commands that copy the first MODs' disk and then transfer to the second MODs' disk. We would also want to verify the files made it to the new MOD disk (a list of the files with details). We are looking to do this at a few locations and could use new MOD drives from you and some technical help with the MOD disk clone/copy process. Perhaps you can help with both or know of instructions we can try or a forum/Irix person to contact or a better way to get this done? Perhaps we can simply transfer the data to our Octanes hard drive, eject the supply MOD, insert the new, blank MOD, and copy the data to the new, blanks MOD, and then verify - thus not needing a second drive?

Thanks in advance