Hi Stalwarts,

I am developing a customised memory leak detecting tool for our product.
Is there any way I can extract line number on solaris.

Currently am using

getcontext() and walkcontext() to walk the stack the number of levels i want it to go up.
Then from the PC that walkcontext returns, I pass it into

Dl_info info;

Now i can extract information like file name, function name and offset from info.
Is there any function or something similar by using functions or any way to get line number too?

On HP-UX i cud get line number from
uwx_get_sym_info() function
This function basically gave all such kind of information (unwind library).

Now am making the same thing on Solaris, but the line number thingy is beign a problem.

Could some one give me some pointers?

PS: i cannot used gdb or mbd or dbx. no such debbuging tool is to be used :|

Thanks and Regards