Following are the highlights of the recently-released
NexentaStor version 1.0.7:
1. Beta-level support for WORM for improved data security and
2. Optimized caching support using Solid State Disks (SSDs) and
RAM-based disks
3. Improved reliability for auto-sync (policy-based folder level
mirroring) and auto-tier (incremental file-level replication)
4. Improved quality for Auto-CDP (block-level mirroring)
5. Improved iSCSI Target quality (including improved iSCSI
Store support for VMware ESX 3.5)
6. ATA over Ethernet (AoE) support for simple, high-performance
access of SATA storage devices over Ethernet networks
7. ZFS Ďautoreplace' for automatic, hot-plug drive replacement
and formatting

NexentaStor is a NAS/iSCSI storage software appliance
which leverages OpenSolaris and the ZFS file system to deliver
improved storage reliability, manageability, and performance.

NexentaStor capabilities include unlimited incremental
backups or 'snapshots', snapshot mirroring (replication), block level
mirroring ('CDP'), integrated search, and the inherent virtualization,
performance, thin provisioning and ease of use of the ZFS file

Information on how NexentaStor compares to an OpenSolaris
distribution and an overview of the multiple options
for trialing NexentaStor is provided at:

Saqib Jang
Nexenta Systems, Inc.