Iíve compiled and installed libpcap-0.9.8 and thcrut-1.2.5 on a new
Solaris 10 5/08 install, but when I try to run an arp scan using
thcrut all I get is a fatal error as follows:

Fatal: libnet_open_link_interface: e1000g0 bad unit number

I initially installed libpcap-0.8.1 off of SourceForge, but found some
information stating that versions of libpcap earlier than 0.8.3
couldnít handle nic devices names with numbers in the middle of it, so
I had to get version 0.9.8 off of sunfreeware.com.

Iím currently testing if other programs that depend on libpcap have
the same error, but Iím pretty sure they will since it seems to be an
issue with libnet, which libpcap uses.

If there isnít a fairly straightforward fix for this, then I was
thinking about loading a generic nic driver with a more acceptable
name or trying to rename the nic within Solaris to see if libnet will
accept that.

Does anyone have experience with this or suggestions on what to try?
Thanks for your time.