When I attempt to do a jumpstart the process seem to just sit there at
the Solaris Installation program like it is waiting for something.
I am doing this with Solaris 10 with an ISC DHCP server on x86 using
PXE. It seems I have modified the ISC DHCP server to pass the
IP and the boot program successully because the machine starts the PXE
process ok, seeming to get the boot program and executing it.
It seems to do its system identification as well.

However, when it get to the installation program it hangs

The grub setting at the jumpstart is thus:

title Solaris_10 Jumpstart
kernel /I86PC.Solaris_10-1/multiboot kernel/unix -v -B
module /I86PC.Solaris_10-1/x86.miniroot

/export/config/test3sysid is where sysidcfg, rules.ok, profile and
other config files live.

Does anyone has any insight here?
Is there a log while the jumpstart is happening? Is it possible to
examine this log as soon as the windowing part of the jumpstart has
Like in linux one can get to a virtual windows (ATL+F1-7) to see what
is being done by the installation program is running.

I just want the installation program to start.