I'm in the process of upgrading my Ultra 20 from u2 to u5.

For many years I've run CDE on :0.0 & twm on :0.1 as a way of dealing w/
applications that insist on Motif behavior. Because CDE is going away
I thought I'd try to switch to using the java desktop for the left screen.

I've *sort of* got that working, however, there are some nuisance details:

toolbar at bottom of the twm screen that I don't want. I can kill it w/
twm, but would like to either make it not start up on :0.1 or kill it
from a script. What creates that?

the desktop. I don't want no stinking "desktop" window on my twm
screen! If I kill it w/ twm it respawns itself and also resets my nice
bland grey background.

twm managed xterms don't regain focus unless I iconify/deiconify them

Does anyone have any suggestions? Where does gnome-session get its
startup configuration? The google queries I tried returned lots of
stuff, but nothing relevant to what I'm tyring to do that I could see.

If someone's got a way to use twm on both screens and not have
application issues (e.g. Sun Download manager is flaky w/ twm) I'd be
happy to switch to some other method.