For this month's meeting we have a change of venue, just across the
road from the Santa Clara Auditorium, we will be meeting in SCA07,
known as the Mansion. This is a very special venue, and I will remind
our community that we will be using one of California historical
buildings, no different than the auditorium, but this is where the
Governor stayed when he visited the Agnew campus. Sun did a wonderful
job at restoring this building, and we would like to ensure that we
are able to continue using it in the future. As such, please help us
"tread lightly" inside.

The rooms are smaller in the Mansion, but there are more than one, so
we can spread out if needed. The intent is that it will be easier to
manage the lighting for the video and hold the meeting in a different,
intimate setting. The alarm can't be disarmed, so you will need to
knock on the door and one of us will open it for you. The Mansion is
located almost directly across from the Santa Clara Auditorium, in the
smaller building located to the left of the large structure directly
across the street. Use the same parking along Palm, and in the parking
lots. The Mansion also has an ice machine in the kitchen, where we can
host the beverages and snacks for the meeting.

The first presentation will be given by Jonathan Chew and Sasha
Kolbasov, explaining Project Nitro. Project Nitro was a performance
project to speed up the builds, to better parellelize the build
process to use the system more efficiently. Build times have dropped
down on x86 and sparc both, and I'll let Jonathan and Sasha give real
world numbers. I'm seeing about 15-20 percent improvement on x86 and
more on sparc myself.

Jonathan and Sasha will explain to you how they went about this
project, which is most applicable to many processes on OpenSolaris
where similar improvements could also be achieved.

We will be broadcasting over the web through ustream, and you can get
the embedded window on the SVOSUG project page of
Please join us over the web if you can't make it in person.

When: Thursday, April 24, 2008
Where: Sun's Santa Clara Campus Auditorium (SCA07, the Mansion)
What: Project Nitro, better performance with better parellelization
Time: 7:30pm-10:00pm

Google Maps:


Hope to see you there, and if not, hope you see us!