Hello all,

I'm writing a simple Solaris installation package, with a request
script that gets information from the user. I use this information
during installation (for example in the postinstall script).
The thing is that part of the information I'm getting from the user is
sensitive information like passwords to external data sources, and I
wouldn't like this information to be saved anywhere once the
installation is over.
I didn't manage to find out if & where the Solaris saves the
information received from the request script. I know that the pkgadd
runs the request script with a response file as a parameter, so I
guess that a response file is created somewhere, and I know that the
information given from the user is available later, during pkgrm for
example, so it's obviously saved somewhere, but where?

Anyone knows?
Any ideas how to deal with sensitive information in the request

Thanks in advance