I have installed Seamonkey 1.1.6 from Blastwave, and while it's up and
running it has one annoying quirk; some of the fonts aren't rendering
properly. The vast majority seem to be fine, but now and then I get
one that looks like it's not working right. These same fonts appear
to work properly under Firefox and Mozilla that came with Solaris 10.

Here is an illustration of the problem. The site here is www.abxzone.com:


Both browsers are set to "allow sites to use their own fonts" and have
all similar settings.

Has anyone seen this problem or run into it? I have a feeling
Seamonkey is trying to use something in /opt/csw that is already
elsewhere on the system, and the /opt/csw one is glitchy or doesn't
have something it needs. I'm a total Unix noob so I'm not sure where
to even begin with this.