Could someone please explain how I can switch my resolution to
1024x768? I am using Sol10 on a CMV1515 LCD screen, which is
extremely fussy about its refresh rates. After initially using Xorg
as xserver, I couldn't get away from the default 640x480. I changed
to Xsun, and from its options quickly managed to jump to 800x600,
still at 256 colors, but there I'm stuck.
After much searching I still cannot make hide nor hair of the
posts I've found suggesting how to do this.
Firstly, where is Xsun's config file?? I though it had something
to do with /etc/openwin/server/etc/OWconfig, but apart from
commented-out examples that file seems to contain nothing to do with
resolution or color depth.
My card is a GeForce II MX200, which is an nVidia chipset. I'll
be happy to get 1024x768 with 8-bit, although 16-bit would be nicer...