Wade Ward wrote:
> I'm trying to master general relativity. I remember reading in Merrill's
> library at USU how one gets e=mc^2 in less than 2 pages. I wish I had the
> presence of mind to make a photocopy, as I did when I went to the John Judah
> library at UC. I remember marion that librarian. I asked for a Dr. tom's
> son's dissertATION, and she says to me in sotto voce "anything you want."
> I've had a fair number of gals say that to me, and this was an example of
> one of the few times that was as good as the usual scenario, with the
> difference that clothing remained on. Dr. Einstein's original shows his
> stature as expositor, a trait well-known to his peers.
> I need to look at some metrics. To this end, I have put two screws into my
> globe, one in Auckland, NZ, and the other in Greenland. The distance
> between these antastbare objects is mathematically well-defined, and on my
> wall, the sum of my left foot and my right, ergo 2, Theo's favorite number.
> He grabbed Dr. Petronio's beard and said it. Cute kid. Anyways, let's say
> John Harper has a scud and wants to hit Arne Greenlndson, son of Hgar.
> Anyways, how many differnet ways can we represent this? It's 20 hrs. from
> las lomas. It's 20 rectangles using the taxicab metric, on my wall. Since
> the meter was defined as a function of circumference, this implies that the
> distance is less than the product of an interger and pi: another freaking
> asymabpol I can't seem to get fifo fido and tja. Anyways, what I wanted to
> say there is that there exists an integer h, s.t. pie times h exceeds the
> number of meters. What is the minimim h that works, that is, is "richtig.'
> Consider the following fortran prog in pseudosource, which is definetly
> einsteiesque (sp?) as gedanken experiment.
> program einstein1
> implicit none
> ! (*,*)
> real x, y, z, fruit, flying, dutchman, tja, hja, h, real_answer
> read h
> write *, h
> gosub real_answer
> end program einstein1
> I will send five dollars to the person who posts, on this thread, the first
> h that beats the subroutine. I hope that the like of chuck want a piece of
> this action. He'll argue vociferously for his two thirds being correct,
> because he doesn't have a personal relationship with being correct, but I'll
> just tell him he hit Berlin instead, which lies between. OS biyyot.
> Where is the moon? x,y, z and r theta phi. In the literature, the azimuth
> is differetn in math than physics. Furthermore, I don't have greek letters
> handy, and don't feel like digging into windows. Let there be a map from
> the greek to , , . is later. The moon for me, at 9:23 ABQ time, is
> one hand to negative jhat.
> I know what you're thinking: what the **** is e umlaut. It's shorthnad for
> crappy beer. If you drink beer from a vessel that has a fictional umlaut on
> it, you've just enriched anheuser as oppoosed to yourself. How do the
> germans say "lwenbra?" Ein broy, bitte?
> -- --

Where is the Moon? I say she's in a somewhat elliptical orbit about the
Earth. And Lion's Brew comes out 'ahem... lervenbroy, to which you
allude. If you want Greek letters there might be some in the extended
ascii set, you'd need a character map to see for sure. Umlauted letters
should be available in a German code page if you have specified such,
also likely in the extended ascii set.