Hey there guys,

I am pretty new to the unix/solaris world and I just installed solaris 10
and everything has gone relatively well. After the reboot i get a message
from m monitor that it cannot display the video mode. I am using onboard
SiS video and during the installation i changed the resolution to 600 X 800.
After researching on the net i found some info and followed the insructions
with no luck.

I can boot into failsafe but i cant login as root.
I have tried /usr/sbin/kdmconfig but solaris says that it cannot find the
I have tried mount /usr" then "/usr/sbin/kdmconfig". but it wont mount /usr

these are instructions that i found in the forums but no joy.

should i try reinstalling and playing around with the video options ie.
monitor type, resolution in the hope that i can get it right or is this a
common problem ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated