In an earlier post I described the problems attempting to mount a 2Gb USB
MP3 player on x86 Solaris 10. After some more investigation, it now looks
like the reason for the problems is that the device is using a 2K sector

# fstyp -v /vol/dev/aliases/rmdisk0
Bytes Per Sector 2048 Sectors Per Cluster 8
Reserved Sectors 32 Number of FATs 2
Root Dir Entries 0 Number of Sectors 0
Sectors Per FAT 0 Sectors Per Track 63
Number of Heads 65535 Number Hidden Sectors 0
Volume Label:
Drive Number: 0xfb
Media Type: 0xf8 "Fixed" Disk

Apparently this is a known Sol10 problem. Open Solaris Bug ID 6498039 is
titled "PCFS FAT32 support is a house of cards" :-(

This might explain that apparently random information obtained when using
fdisk. I reformated the USB device on WinXP as a "standard" Fat32 device.
Solaris fdisk now claims...

Total disk size is 1001 cylinders
Cylinder size is 4096 (512 byte) blocks

Partition Status Type Start End Length %
========= ====== ============ ===== === ====== ===
1 Other OS 189974 468662 278689 100
2 Netware 3.x+ 41183 513846 472664 100
3 QNX part 3 456514 929177 472664 100
4 Other OS -344064 -344051 14 1

Obvious garbage!

As suggested by one person here, I installed mtools and they work fine after
disabling some consistency checks. It might be a good idea for Sun to hire
people from the mtools project for a few months to sort out these problems.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Geoff Lane, Airstrip One

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