I have recently installed SUN solaris x86 at metioned machine, and
everythink worked fine till one moment, when I wasn't able to login into
as a root or normal user in regular mode(I coulden;t do anything except
read at the popup window DT? that said what to do to solve the
problem-hosname in /etc/hosts etc. - which didn't help at all), I could
only get into in a failsave mode. I have luckly copied to my pendrive
config files of AS that was installed on.

The quiestion is what to do know, rescue the system or barry it and load
a new fresh now ?

To mention I didn't have any connecion to Public Network except local
one. The thing that seemed not to work was that i lost my network
interface configurations, which i couldn't get back to work.

Does anybody installed Solaris at this machine ?

Are there any problems ?

Thank You for help,