Hi to all,

firstly I've to say that I'm just a user but it would be great if you've
an approach to the Java Desktop-problem:

SunOS 5.10 Generic_125101-10 i86pc i386 i86pc

After I've patched the system (usually I work with smpatch) the Java
Desktop behaves weird. If log in, Gnome shows me the desktop, everything
seems to be fine (in spite of the little update notifier in the panel
which doesn't come up after starting since I patched the system). But
after ca. 10 seconds Gnome shuts down without a reason, black screen,
and then I get the login panel again. I don't use gdm. CDE still works fine.

Nothing is written in ~/.dt/error.log, in Xorg.0.log in /var/log/

I've set up a new user account to test but the problem remains the same.

Do you have any idea where to look, what to change?

Thank you very much in advance

Best regards