Back onto planning for my NASbox...

I'm settled with the idea of running my NASbox on Solaris 10 x86 instead of
linux, performing software raid via ZFS. ZFS is clearly a winner on paper
over my usual combination of XFS on DM raid on linux.

Now, big question: what setup would you folk recommend for the root and boot

I'm aware that the root fs can be mounted on ZFS using OpenSolaris since
Nevada b37, but it looks fiddly and the boot still needs to be handled via

Under linux I would just make / including /boot reside on a pair of mirrored
partitions using DM-mirror. I would be equally happy running / on Solaris
on mirrored UFS - is this practical and straightforward? Also, should I be
using Sun's Official Solaris 10 x86 or Solaris Express Community Edition or
Solaris Express Developer Edition - I'm a little confused over the best
choice from all of the above.

What I actually want to do with the box is:

a) Present a robust data store via NFS and Samba;

b) Run Postgresql;

c) Possibly, just possibly, run a few other services as backup to my linux
application server, probably in some sort of jail environment.

It's getting like Linux - too many choices. The difference is, I'm had years
of practise narrowing choices with linux, but I'm rather the Solaris newbie
(though I have occasionally admin'd 2.5/2.6/2.7 and 2.8 SPARC systems, but
only in a very lightweight and standard way).

Thanks very much for your advice