When running a web app using Mozilla 1.7 for the Java Desktop and
Solaris 10, after selecting a new page (by clicking a tab), Mozilla
will continue to display the old page, yet the URL for the new page is
displayed in the address space and if I select View->Page Source the
HTML for the new page is displayed. This phenomena occurs after a
variable amount of time, clicking different tabs to display different
pages - anywhere from 2 minutes or longer. When Mozilla freezes on an
old page, if I resize the browser window, the correct page will then be
displayed. However, thereafter, most every time I click a tab, I have
to resize the browser to get the page to render. The exception happens
to be three pages that will render correctly when selected.

I noticed that, if I look at the source for the pages that render OK
and compare them to those that don't, the OK source has a line " onload="document.createToken.tokenId.focus()">" whereas the source for
those that don't display just has "".

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.