I just installed Solaris 10 on a host with an LSI 320-2 RAID
controller, having two logical disks (one per controller).

I downloaded the ITU for the RAID controller and put it on a floppy.
After booting from the Solaris 10 DVD, I chose the "update drivers"
option, loaded the floppy, and did the "Control-C->Text Install"
workaround outlined in the release notes.

The install seemed to go well, but after the post-install reboot, I get
the "no artive partition" error.

I tried booting from the DVD again, loading the LSI MegaRAID ITU, and
after getting a single-user shell, I ran format->fdisk->set active
partition on the boot disk. It was maked active already anyway, which
puzzles me...

Anyway, that didn't help.

Any ideas?