My wonderful old OS X powerbooks disk seized up yesterday, right in the
middle of my trying to configure an x4100 using the ILOM Remote Control

So I've had to fall back on a Sun Blade 1500, running Solaris 10. Using
the WebGUI, I can log in fine, and generate the Remote Control page.
However, when I attempt redirection (either in 8 or 16 bit color), I get
the following message:

> The remote console application requires Java 5.0. Please download Java
> from http:/www.java.com

This is perplexing, as I've downloaded jre1.5.0_06 and linked the java
application in /bin and /usr/local/bin to

I've also downloaded and am running mozilla 1.7.13 (the manual says 1.7.5
is sufficient). but I still get the error.

SO I've switched to a Windows laptop running XP. Using a modern mozilla or
Microsoft Explorer, I get "The page cannot be displayed". Since I'm
primarily a Solaris admin (with some Mac experience) I've no idea why it's
unable to resolve the address since this machine can contact other 172
subnet addresses.

Of course, last night at home, my ancient eMac had no trouble downloading
and installing the java console - just hit the Launch Redirection button
and everything is Jake!

Any clues will be appreciated.

Paul Mitchell
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